Just Markings Product Brochure

All of our thermoplastic products are created using high tech Machinery and skilled craftmanship in our Warehouse. We always strive for quality over quantity to ensure our final designs are to a high standard. At Just Markings we do offer a survey & design service to your specifications. We can also assist you with the design of your playground project if you prefer, as we understand most Schools like to include the students in the projects for educational reasons. Playground markings in particular can be crucial in a child’s development, and can stimulate learning in a variety of ways. For example, the Clock markings allow children to practice telling time, whilst maps help with geography. Footprints help promote co-ordination, whilst a hopscotch can promote and develop a child’s numeracy and fitness. On top of this, games with numbers help mathematical skills to flourish in an entertaining manner Sports markings can also have a benefit to children’s overall health and well being. It’s associated with improved concentration, and more positive social behavior such as kindness to classmates. Children also feel more liked by their peers, and that they have enough friends especially when they are involved in team based sports. The Netball Football and Basketball Courts are known to create these important aspects of team work. Why use Thermoplastics? • Environmentally friendly • 3 Year Guarantee dependent on surface condition* • Non Skid • Fully reflective and complies with BSEN 1436 • Can be used within 30 minutes of application • Available in 14 standard colours • Up to 8 times more durable than painted line markings